Legasista Leina

Leina Mindel

A self proclaimed witch and explorer. Leina makes a living from looting abandoned dungeons and pawning items off within a black market, while finding weapons and armor brings her joy, Leina's real passion lies in finding and using powerful relics from before the war for her personal ends. Shout has proven to be her most useful find thus far, but she's always looking for the next best thing. Leina and Shout follow a trail left behind by Alto leading to the Ivy Tower, where they find relics of a quality unlike anywhere else, she wastes no time in getting down to business and taking what isn't nailed down.


Character TraitsEdit

Name Level Effect
Overflowing Mana 2 +26% Mana to all MP slots.
Keen-Minded 2 +26% Mana to all Magic slots.

Starting Job: Cryo, Level 12

Starting Energy Frame: Freezing

Starting Equipment: Bone Dagger, Pricy Clothes, I Arrow

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